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Accompanied by the joy of sweat,accompanied by tough successful,
pace with the times,Baoding City Tongling Automotive parts Co.,Ltd has gone through 18 years.
18 years Tongling Automotive parts Co.,Ltd is vigorous, one after another brilliant journey of the node.How many for the first time let us cheering, how many for the first time let us Cherished.
18 years Tongling Automotive parts Co.,Ltd shares the happiness together,one after another proud in the vision of the mission. Tongling making the trade by integrity, getting to the world by high quality service, as the foundation by help others and yourself, as the wish of creating the happiness together. With fair and advantageous business opportunities, with the love of sincerity, Tongling make people daily life more colourful.Makeing Tongling sence of value and belief into society, express Long-term commitment and profound friendship to home and abroad market.
18 years struggle, Tongling start a glorious times. At the times of recalling the future,we will keep in mind the beautful memories. Looking view next 18 years, we will creat the more splendid future with ambitious. Leading the Auto parts to sales fastion,Tongling broad the partners. Tongling wins more creater market and launchs many items new auto parts contiously;stimulate the potention of sales,show the training programs; win the sincerity of customers, found Tongling sales union; focus in the brand foundatation; broaden the market web at home and abroad and creat the new results nesxt 18years; inprove the training systems,found the learnig type organization; promote the balanced development of all gifted; stress pacesetter award scheme.
 18 spring and autumn,18 years cultivation. Here we thanks every sales man and partners which go together with the Tongling.We thanks every purchasers and society people which support Tongling Auto Parts. We wish all the people happy. Wish Tongling more and more brilliant.
Baoding City Tongling Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.
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