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  Baoding City Tongling Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, with a registered capital of RMB 500,000, boasting strong economic strength and profound tradition and cultural history. Tongling has a total number of staff of over 60, with an operation area of 600 sq. meters and warehouse area of 5,600 sq. meters. The pickup parts and components it deals in amounts to 5,000 varieties.
   Baoding, being home to pickups, has great lands that foster great minds. The single-eyed Tongling People, meeting up with the needs of the times, based upon pickup industry depending on this unique advantages, engage themselves mainly in the sale of the “Great Wall” pickups, commercial vehicles and SUVs made by Baoding Great Wall Motor Corp, and serialized engines, parts and components made by Baoding Great Wall Internal Combustion Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The products that it deals in are all quality OE products made by the original manufacturers. Over the past years, we have established long-term and stable supplier relationship with OEMs to the Great Wall Motor. With win-win cooperation, our achievement comes one after another.
  We possess a leading core and sales team that are a group of highly-qualified, high-level staff who are familiar with management and science-motivated. In addition, we have a rigorous organizational system, managerial system and sales system, which integrate our Sales Parlour with the intranet computer of our warehousing center. This made it possible for a timely delivery. With 100 percent customer satisfaction and sales guarantee as our tenet, we have been widely recognized and reputed among nationwide dealers. We have set up huge sales network both at home and abroad, being with strong  momentum. The Tongling People have been constantly seeking new knowledge economy, business opportunities and growth point, so as to let our customers enjoy more and better boons and a guarantee of value.
      It takes ten years to grow a tree, but a hundred years to bring up a person. The Tongling People will, with unique moral character and wisdom, enter the front of the economic globalization. We are actively expanding our businesses outside of China and win more trade partners while we strive to do the domestic business well. With new field of vision and new sales strategy, we will be engaged in further pioneering and innovation. Depending closely on the successful systems as the guarantee, taking information as the means and modern logistics companies as carriers, “To do marketing with Tongling sincerity and honesty, to win market with quality, to take ‘help self and help others as fundamental, to jointly create fortune as our aspiration’ ”, we are willing to work in good faith with old and new customers and domestic and overseas friends in creating refulgence commonly and make fortune together.
Baoding City Tongling Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.
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